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Substitute for Buttermilk

When I first came across a delicious looking, otherwise-Craig-friendly, recipe with buttermilk, my initial thought was Great, just another fake item I have to buy from a specialty store that is going to be overpriced.  My next thought was about how I probably wouldn’t even end up using all the fake buttermilk, which was also going to annoy me.  I mean, even people who can eat dairy aren’t typically eager to buy a bunch of items from the grocery store that won’t get used up and will just spoil.  There must be some sort of substitute for buttermilk.  Well, there is.  You can essentially make your own, and it is ridiculously simple!

To make your own buttermilk for baking, you need two ingredients: vinegar and milk or soy milk (or some other type of fake milk).

Pour a tablespoon of the vinegar into a container that measures one cup.  Fill the container the rest of the way up to the “1-cup” mark with your milk.  Let it sit for five minutes.  Then, use whatever amount of your homemade butter milk you need for your recipe.  It’s that easy!

Here is my most recent example of a delightful recipe that works great with this homemade buttermilk: Apple Pie Muffins.  Give this buttermilk a try in that recipe, buttermilk pancakes, biscuits, or something else!  Yay for time-and-money-saving!

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