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A Baby, A Cellphone, And Sleep Deprived Parents

A Baby, A Cellphone, And Sleep Deprived Parents

By the end of my pregnancy, I was tired of a lot of things.  I mean, honestly, I had a relatively easy pregnancy, but I am sure women with easier and more difficult pregnancies than mine can all agree that they were just over everything by the end.  I was ready to not be lugging an extra 30lbs around.  I was sick of being nauseated (though my nausea was only occasional at the end of my pregnancy).  I was tired of misjudging how enormous my belly actually was and therefore bumping into things when I would try to squeeze through a space I was apparently too big for.  I was over the fact that I needed to pee about every fifteen minutes.  The list could go on.

But most of all, I was tired of people telling me to “get sleep now, because I would never get to sleep again.”  That was the advice I got over and over and over.  I mean, really?  It’s not like I was some 3-year-old who thought that I didn’t need naps.  I love my sleep, and Craig LOVES his sleep, and we were already sleeping when we could.  Did people honestly think I was going to get more sleep because they told us that, or were they just trying to be funny?  But time and time again, I would hear this advice from men and women who already had kids…they would tell us with something in between a smile and a smirk on their face, like they knew something we didn’t.  They were in the “parent club,” and Craig and I had yet to be initiated, and it drove me crazy.

Well here we are now, with a three-month-old, and I am pretty certain Craig and I have been initiated.  I don’t know exactly when our initiation took place.  Was it the first time we got spit up on?  Was it when we hit the hundred diaper threshold?  Was it when I had to take Hadley to get her first set of vaccines?  Or was it this morning, midway through January, when I dressed Hadley in “My First Christmas” clothes, because that’s what was clean in her drawer?  I don’t know.  But I will tell you this, the night of October 7 is the night when I finally understood what all those parents had been talking about before.  Craig and I had been very sleep deprived up to that point, but until October 5, my parents had been in town to help us.  Now, we were all on our own, and the sleep deprivation really kicked into high gear…

A Baby, A Cellphone, and Sleep Deprived Parents

So newborn babies have to eat all the time.  I mean ALL. THE. TIME.  At first, we were having to feed Hadley every two hours, and that is from the beginning of a feed to the beginning of the next feed, not two hours in between.  While Hadley had a good latch, we were still getting the hang of breastfeeding, and she was constantly trying to stick her hand in her mouth instead of eating, so it was a bit of a struggle.  From beginning to end, with burping and everything, feeding Hadley could take over an hour.  We would finally finish, and then we’d have to start again 45 or 50 minutes later.  This was around the clock, so you can imagine we were quite tired.  Craig was trooper.  Since I had to feed Hadley, he would set his alarm, get up to get Hadley, and bring her to me.  Then he would lay down while I fed her on one side.  When I was done with the first side, I would lay down while Craig burped Hadley in between, then he would give her back to me for the other side before he burped her once more and laid her back down.  We had what we thought was a flawless system.

No system is actually flawless.

In the middle of that night, early in October, I laid in bed as I listened to Craig’s cellphone alarm going off, knowing that it meant I had to get up in a moment to feed Hadley yet again.  So I waited.  And I listened to his alarm.  And waited.  And listened to is alarm.  And waited.  What was going on?  The alarm had been going off for a couple minutes, and Craig hadn’t even hit the Snooze button.  Now I was starting to get annoyed because I was the one awake during his “shift,” and Craig was clearly sleeping through the alarm.  I opened my eyes and rolled over to wake Craig up, and my jaw dropped.  I could not believe what I was seeing.

There my sweet husband was, doing the jiggle walk that new parents quickly learn and old parents never forget, sweetly Shhhhhh-ing in the ear….of his cellphone.  In case you don’t have the picture in your head…imagine a man holding a baby and gently bouncing the baby as they walk, with his mouth right next to the baby’s ear to give the baby a soothing “Shhhhh, it’s ok, Daddy’s here.”  That was Craig, except with his ringing cellphone.  He thought his cellphone was a crying baby.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first.  “Craig!” I said in that stern whisper-yell thing that people do sometimes.  He looked over at me.  “I need to nurse the baby,” I told him.  With that, Craig handed his phone to me, the alarm still ringing loudly, so that I could nurse it.  My jaw dropped lower.  I turned off the cellphone alarm.

“Craig!  Where is the baby?!”  Craig jumped.  I could see the panic in his eyes as he looked around on the floor.  His mind was easy to read at that point.  Did I lose the baby?  Where did I put her?  “Craig!”  I was still trying to get him awake enough to enter the real world.  “Check the cradle at the end of the bed.”  And there Hadley was, still sweetly sleeping through all of the chaos.  Craig picked up Hadley, happy to know that he had not actually lost her, and handed her to me.  “Go to sleep, Babe,” I told him, “I will handle the burping and everything this time.”

I took Hadley and watched my adorably exhausted husband crawl back into bed.  Then I thought back to all the “sleep now” advice I had been so tempted to roll my eyes at before.  Wow, I thought, They were right, after all.  I finally get it.


On Becoming a Parent

So here we are, almost two months since my last post.  Motherhood is clearly getting all of my time and energy right now.  I don’t know how all those professional blogging moms do it.  But in any case, I know that I need to get back at it because I tend to use this blog as a journal (slash recipe book), and I know that I need to get my thoughts and stories of parenthood out before I forget them.  And I have some funny stories.  But I will try to spread them out over a few posts…I don’t want to spoil the surprise too soon or make this post drag on.  For now, this is what I have:

We celebrated the birth of our sweet Hadley on September 27, 2013, four days after my due date.  I thankfully had an easy labor, probably around eight hours total from when it began at home to when we had Hadley at the hospital.

On the left is my very last belly picture with Hadley, taken on her due date (September 23).  On the right is our very first family picture, taken just four days later.

On the left is my very last belly picture with Hadley, taken on her due date (September 23). On the right is our very first family picture, taken just four days later.

I wish I could find the words to describe what Craig and I felt when Hadley was born.  Unfortunately, there are no words that I know that could possibly describe something so miraculous.  If I ever come up with the words, I will let you know.  But I know that I am not alone when I say that when, after all the anticipation, you finally get to see this baby that you have been waiting for, the love that comes over you is unbelievable.  And you look at this little baby and think There is just no way something so perfect could be an accident or a coincidence or anything else.  Only God could create something – someone – so amazing.  I also remember thinking that it was so crazy how this sweet little 7lb 2oz baby was the size of a sesame seed when Craig and I found out about her.  I mean, think about how incredible that is for a moment.  It emphasizes in my mind that life definitely begins at conception, because that tiny little “sesame seed” was actually beautiful baby.

Hadley is nine days old in this picture.

Hadley is nine days old in this picture.  We had our newborn pictures done by Tickled Blue Photography.  Please visit the website and check out the other awesome photos Jodi has taken of babies and families.  She is seriously so talented and wonderful to work with.  You definitely need to consider Tickled Blue if you live in the Charleston area!

Becoming parents has been the most rewarding challenge Craig and I have ever faced.  The highs and lows of emotions are changing constantly with the adjustment.  Sleep deprivation can get pretty insane, and I doubt our condo will ever be really clean again (not that a spotless condo was a common occurrence before).  There have definitely already been moments where I think I can’t handle this.  But then, you look down at your precious baby, your gift from God, and the frustration and doubt and anxiety all go away, because, “Look at this perfect little baby.  I couldn’t be happier.”  And the first real smile…wow…it’s like God timed it for when he knows that parents are hitting their limit of the most overwhelmed they have ever felt, and all of a sudden your baby says, ” I love you so much, and I think you are the best parents in the world.”

So, yeah, parenthood is crazy.  It can be crazy exciting and crazy overwhelming.  It can be crazy frustrating and crazy amazing.  And Craig and I have only been at it for less than two months!  I know there is so much more to learn and experience as a parent, and I truly can’t wait!

Exciting News from the McKs…

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Well, Craig and I certainly have a big year ahead.  Craig will be finishing up his second year of medical school this spring, and then he has to take Step 1 of the Boards!  He will spend five or so weeks studying just about twelve or so hours a day in preparation.  It does not sound like fun to me, but I know Craig is going to rock it!

After Craig’s Boards, he will get a few days off for us to do something fun together (he scheduled to take his exam a few days early so that we could have some time) before starting his third year in medical school!  No more summer vacations for Craig!  But third year will be very exciting, because Craig finally gets to spend some real time in the hospital doing rotations.  The first two years of medical school are generally spent in the classroom setting, while the last two years are spent in the hospital.  I know Craig is excited and ready for the change.

But all of that news pales in comparison to the real news we have…so I will let this picture do the talking…

Sitting in a Tree

Hmmm…what comes at the end of the song?  Oh, right!  “Then comes a baby in a baby carriage.”

It’s true, Craig and I are expecting our first baby!  Baby McK is due in September of this year, and we could NOT be more excited!

We took that picture while my parents were in town this past weekend.  My dad made the chalkboard with wood, some chalkboard paint, and a rope.  My mom wrote on the board with chalkboard markers.  It turned out so cute!  Of course, they are ridiculously creative, so the adorableness should be no surprise to me.

Aside from their jobs (my mom is a teacher and my dad owns a business with my uncle), my parents do some interior decorating on the side… “for fun.”  So of course, my parents are CRAZY-EXCITED to do a nursery for their very first grandbaby, and that is why this next picture was also so necessary…

Nursery Under Construction

My mom and her friend designed the sign together, and then my mom had it printed at a store in Georgia before my parents came down to visit.  I thought this one also turned out super cute!  This room is currently a guest room slash our condo “annex,” where we have piles of boxes that we still need to go through, so it really will be a disaster zone to get this room baby-ready.  But we are all up for the challenge!

And of course, what good would my parents’ trip to beautiful Charleston be without a trip to the beach?  So we obviously had to take this picture as well…

Baby Sandals!

We are clearly very excited for the changes ahead of us this year, but that’s not to say we are not still a little bit like, “Whoa…is this for real?” Our first doctor appointment was about a week and a half ago, and they did an ultrasound while we were there.  That’s when the whole situation got “really real” for us.  We saw the tiny little baby’s heart beating at 188 beats per minute, and we were in love.  So crazy that we can see the heart beat so early on, but it gives such value to the fact that this is not a “thing.”  It is a baby…a human life that is growing inside of me, and it is the best and craziest news ever!

So here is our “Holy crap, I guess this is for real” picture, followed by a couple of our “There’s a baby in your belly!” pictures…


There's a Baby in Your Belly!

There's a Baby in There!

There are so many changes and challenges ahead for our little growing McKinney family.  We are thrilled with this blessing, and we pray every day for health for our baby and for guidance as we figure out what exactly it means for us to be parents.  It’s certainly not going to be easy, especially with Craig being gone at the hospital more over the next two years, but we know that we can do it.  We are trying our best to lean on God throughout this whole process, and we have been so blessed with support from family and friends.

Yes, it is definitely going to be a chaotic year, but I have a feeling that is might just be our best year yet! 🙂

Our First Ultrasound of Sweet Baby McK

(UPDATE: Click here to find out what we are having!)

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