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First Married Birthday

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Last week, Craig and I celebrated the first of our birthdays as a married couple.  I turned 23 on March 14.  I’ve always liked my birthday, especially since it’s also Pi Day, but I’ve never been a person to make a huge deal out of birthdays in general. However, this birthday was different.  Not only was it my first birthday as a married woman, but this year, my birthday fell directly in the middle of Craig’s spring break. That’s right.  That means he had no school, no studying, no labs, and no hospital visits to claim his time.  Once I realized this spectacular timing sometime last fall, my birthday instantly skyrocketed to the top of my list of important things.  After all, 23 is basically the biggest milestone birthday in everybody’s life, right?!  😉

My birthday was terrific.  Of course, having my birthday fall in the middle of Craig’s spring break would have been even better if I had gotten a spontaneous week off of work, but I’m not going to get picky. 🙂  I loved spending time throughout the week with my wonderful husband.  We went out to eat at a Greek restaurant that we love down here, and we went on our SECOND movie date ever since we began dating. Craig made me a delicious breakfast in bed…that was awesome.  To make my week even better, Craig got to go with me when I went to the grocery store and when I walked Jada.  Now, that may sound like a silly thing to get excited about, but I would have never believed how lonely I would get doing things like that alone – especially in Publix, where I have no phone service and can’t even call people to talk while I’m shopping.  They may be my favorite grocery store, but that is definitely Publix’s one major downfall.

Ultimately, Craig did an amazing job making my birthday special, but the truth is, my birthday was going to be special no matter what, because I got to spend a lot of quality time with Craig throughout my birthday week.  It’s crazy how much you can miss someone even when they are living with you.  Med school is definitely a constant reminder to never take any quality time for granted.  What a blessing last week was!

And this was a must share: My First Married Birthday Card!  One of the things I love about Craig’s and my relationship is that we are constantly joking around and laughing at things.  This card is no exception.  I especially love that it’s my first birthday card from Craig as his wife because it’s definitely something I would have thought was hilarious before I was married, but it’s even funnier now that I have experienced even a tiny bit of what marriage actually is.

(I italicized some of the ones that were particularly funny to me.  I’m sure it changes from couple to couple.)

The Top 10 Things I Don’t Say Often Enough:

10. I hate to miss the game, but this floor could really use a good scrubbing.

9. Why don’t you buy a nice new pair of shoes to go with that outfit?

8. Let’s rent a romantic movie.  If I see one more car chase, I’m gonna hurl!

7.Yeah, I’m pretty tired, too, so let’s just cuddle.

6. Why can’t they show real-looking women in those lingerie catalogs?

5. My thumb’s getting tired.  Would you mind holding the remote for a while?

4. I’m not sure we’ve seen enough of your family lately.

3. You got enough blankets over there?
-Craig’s side-note he wrote for this: So actually I do say this one…just in my most sarcastic voice after you steal all the covers. 😛

2. Sure, I’ll be glad to hold your purse while were’s standing next to this construction site.

1. I love you forever!
-This one is in bold because I must say that Craig tells me how much he loves me all the time…basically non-stop, and I think he definitely deserves credit for that…of course me announcing that fact on this blog probably falls into the same category as #2 on the list above, but oh well.  😉

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