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Trick or (Doggie) Treat!

Being that Halloween this year landed on Craig’s block 2 exam week, we voted against attending any of the fun, Charleston, Halloween-related events over this past weekend and tonight.  However, we decided that there should be one Halloween representative in our condo.  We simply couldn’t have a totally lame condo, only a partially lame condo.

I give you Jada the Dalmatian:

Now if some people are thinking Wow, that costume looks kind of familiar, that’s because you may have seen it before.  I, too, was a dalmatian once:

Yes, I wore this costume to a sorority function in February of 2009.  My lovely roommate went as Cruella Devil.  It’s been in a bag for over two years, but I am so glad I saved it!  Although I think Jada the Dingo is my favorite, she makes an awfully cute dalmatian, as well!  And no worries, Jada definitely got her doggie treats after posing of these pictures.  🙂

Happy Halloween!


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  1. This is hilarious!!! LOVE IT!


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